Meme’s Guerrilla

The mememista league is made up of the participants of a workshop that took different forms from 2011 to 2014 in different cities.
A laboratory that explored the phenomenon of the internet meme, its history, and the agents that started it up.

Applied to the web, the Meme is a generally humorous cultural object that spreads virally in an online community, where each member can reappropriate the object to modify it and help it continue to circulate, trying to spread it to other users of the web with your message.
But although in most cases, they are designed to generate some laughs, they are not always funny images of cats. The meme tool is often used also, to express frustrations about social and political realities. And the combination of a well thought out joke + social media has already proven to be useful as a method of protest, due to its speed of diffusion and wide reach.

Whether for recreational, absurd or meaningless purposes, or also for protest and social participation purposes, the restless and spontaneous nature of creative and collective leisure is then discovered, of the combative remix that finds on the internet channels towards non-transformation virtual things.

The league has its meeting point and launch pad
for its creations in their facebook group >>> HERE

Lab Editions
• “Guerrilla Idle, the revolutionary remix from the comfort of your home” in Bogotá Platform and Explora Medellín Park, Colombia, 2014.
  • Franklin Rawson Museum in San Juan City, 2013.
• “Meme Lab” in Casa 13, Córdoba Capital, 2012.
• “Copy & paste” at Galería Meridión, Bs As, 2011.