Post + post + Post = 0

A POST-internetic landscape, a POST-feminist scene in a POST-Ironic meme, where the stereotype of the trainwreck girl is supposedly empowered and free to do whatever she wants with her life … or not? The media ploarization, the panopticon of social networks tells us another story, one of shade, hate and guilt, with exclusive ideas about

Shhhhhh Bai

I like to surf the web looking for “opinions” about art, usually to find incomprehension and frustrations. If art can’t communicate, what is it for?Art is lonely, no one gets it.I am glad for her.Leave me alone. This video was commissioned by Arebyte Gallery, London to be part of the 2021 edition of Artist Chain.


Almost nobody likes contemporary art. What does the general public expect from art? Why so much rejection? Luciana Ponte has spent a long time thinking about the lack of communication between the artistic field and the audience. She does it by looking for opinions, snooping between forums and social networks, she collects images and texts

Comfort Zone

Luciana Ponte for Casa entera, a project by Gris García “John Doe is here, can he come in?” The question sounds in the megaphone of the apartment that we rented by airbnb in the San Rafael neighborhood, a neutral and depersonalized space, assembled as if it were a hotel, at the entrance guards surrounded a

Solo show

                  “Sometimes I go out of the world to see if someone comes to look for me” Conversational piece. Installation of a selfie melodrama from images found in other Lucianas Pontes’s social media.     “Bipolar Blues” Díptic.      “The precise moment” Photography     “Ambient Awareness” Photography.     “Close encounter

Elvira collective

Challanges for the Survival of the Cutest Elvira is an ephemeral collective, which meets to propose a specific project to Flora‘s cabinet, formed by two artists (Luciana Ponte and Juan Guillermo Tamayo) and a curator (Marilia Loureiro) Historically the cabinet of curiosities is the space that stores the treasures and collections of extraordinary things found

Beads and trinkets

A digital exaltation that preaches the critical eye,the didactic trolling,the kawaii errorismand the combative ridiculesuitable for all audiences.An ode to Marta Traba, our sacred lady of the media,who this time decides to explore vapowave landscapesmade from clichés of post-internet art.Martha Gangsta #glitchbitch >>> click here * Marta Traba was an Argentine-Colombian art critic and writer,


Marginal stardom Parallel to the festive spirit of contemporary art cosplay displayed in a series of poster-like pictures, a discomfort appears that takes the form of shame, joke or hysterical giggle. Thinking these images only as celebratory denies the power of the discomfort derived from the peripheral reappropriation of the artist / star that fluidly

Pictorial emptying

Fiction made from videos found on YouTube and invented text. This video was shown in: • ”Cuestiones Capitales” , Casa de la cultura del Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Buenos Aires, 2012. •”Intersecciones”, MAMBO Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá, Colombia,2012.


www.lalulula.tv, recently turned 10 years old, is a video broadcasting website, a curatorial construction where I investigate the phenomenon of the presence of contemporary art in television and cinema. What is the mass media vision of the artistic discourse? I like to mix the expert views on art and also amateur ones, absurd interpretations, good

Meme’s Guerrilla

The mememista league is made up of the participants of a workshop that took different forms from 2011 to 2014 in different cities. A laboratory that explored the phenomenon of the internet meme, its history, and the agents that started it up. Applied to the web, the Meme is a generally humorous cultural object that