, recently turned 10 years old, is a video broadcasting website, a curatorial construction where I investigate the phenomenon of the presence of contemporary art in television and cinema. What is the mass media vision of the artistic discourse?

I like to mix the expert views on art and also amateur ones, absurd interpretations, good or badly founded criticisms, ridiculous fictions, romantic idealizations, pedagogical formats, ancient tv shows from peripherical regions and amusing youtubers. This way the non-specialized viewer approaches art, but also the expert agent enjoys an art reality show, a soap opera, a cartoon or a sitcom about art and finds unexpected or unlikely sources of analysis.

Also, I founded the CLUBSUB, which is a community that helps me make the spanish subtitles (some people help doing the translating, others help with donations to support this endeavour) so we can share this rare findings with the audience.

This project works as an alternative channel, based on audiovisual piracy, for both entertainment and didactic purposes, and over the years has become a source for students, teachers and artists from all over the world (currently receiving an average of 4000 views per day, mainly from latin america and spain) who come to see material that they simply can?t find anywhere else.

Through the years has materialized in mini projects outside the internet and has infiltrated museums, exhibitions and some other formats and contexts, more information here: