Almost nobody likes contemporary art. What does the general public expect from art? Why so much rejection? Luciana Ponte has spent a long time thinking about the lack of communication between the artistic field and the audience. She does it by looking for opinions, snooping between forums and social networks, she collects images and texts looking for connections. For this occasion, she explores the romantic notion of art as something forced to teach us a lesson, to reveal a secret; as an inside joke that only people who are part of the cult can understand; something that requires effort to be interpreted. People feel left out and art feels lonely. Luciana fantasizes about art as an encrypted island, a lost paradise.
Thus, from virtual isolation, she invariably crosses paths with the meme, seeing it as the total democratizer of contemporary expression, if contemporary art is an elitist algorithm, then the meme is free software. If what separates us from the audience is a sea, is the meme our lifeline?
Luciana sends digital smoke signals to other sailors, and sends bottled messages to the sea, she throws her bait into the water, to see who takes the bait, and who knows? she might find other castaways.

“All the Way”
“K00ns bb”
Tribute to Constant Dullaart
“Atrápame si puedes”
“Say no more”
“Bonus Track”


CasaEquis Galery
Dicember 2020
Ciudad de México

Curatorship by Patricia Siller

(1989. Saltillo, Coahuila) She has a degree in Visual and Media Arts from CEDIM. She is interested in the commonalities between curatorship and artistic production. She is co-founder and co-director of Janet40, a project focused on the materialization of digital practices. She did residencies at NoAutomático (Monterrey, MX) and at the Museum of Human Achievement (Austin, TX) with the support of FONCA Residencias. With Janet40 she has produced and curated numerous exhibitions in Mexico, USA, Spain and Online. She is currently curator of Cycle 3.0 of the Hello World Festival (CDMX, MX) and production manager for the Material Art Fair (CDMX, MX)