Shhhhhh Bai

I like to surf the web looking for “opinions” about art, usually to find incomprehension and frustrations. If art can’t communicate, what is it for?
Art is lonely, no one gets it.
I am glad for her.
Leave me alone.

This video was commissioned by Arebyte Gallery, London to be part of the 2021 edition of Artist Chain.

arebyte Chain is an artist-led curatorial programme, where selected artists present online work and invite their peers to create a succession of content around the yearly theme for a period of two weeks. arebyte Chain aims to create networks between continents of digital artists as the current exhibiting artist is then asked to invite the next artist to participate in the project, keeping the chain going.

In 2023 this video took the form of an installation to participate in the collective exhibition “Floating Geographies”, curated by the Franzisca collective, at the CENART Multimedia Center, in Mexico City.